Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Defining Single Adults, Young Adults and Determining Ministry Groups

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Let’s talk basics... Who are included in the category of "single adults," and where/how do young single adults fit?

I like to specify the different people groups this way...never married, divorced, widowed and single parents of all ages. Simply put, single and single-again people.

There is some potential overlap between single adult and young adult ministry. A not-yet married person in his/her early twenties or even thirties could, technically, fall into both groups, but in reality, would only want to be part of a young adult ministry group. People usually relate best to others in their same general age group, whether single or married in the young adult years (19 - mid 30's). When married adults begin having children, however, life circumstances, needs, and challenges change. That's when a young married ministry proves to be beneficial.

Generally, our ministry here at the AG National Office targets leaders of young adults who minister to/with all, or part of the age group of 18-35 years old, single and married. Our ministry also targets leaders of single adults who minister to/with all, or part of the age group of 35-60 years old, single and single-again. In both young adult and single adult ministry there are people outside of these age groups, either younger or older, but probably 80-90 percent of those attending one of these ministries across the country will fall into these age groups.

In Young Adult Ministry
There are several possible age groups/ministry groups. Probably most young adult ministries contain more single adults than married adults. Some young adult ministries have BOTH in the same group, and some have two separate groups, one for single adults and one for married adults.  Also, some churches have an 18-24 year old ministry, some have a separate mid-20’s and 30’s ministry, and some put them all together and have an 18-30 or up to 35 year old ministry.

In Single Adult Ministry
There are several possible age/ministry groups in single adult ministry also. Some churches have only one age group, usually 30 or 35+ and up. Some ministries have two age groups, 30’s and 40’s, and 50 +.  A few have 3 or more age groups. Single parent families, divorce care, divorce care for kids, and widowed care are four other common groups that single adult ministry may target. These three ministries usually include all ages because of their common life issues and situations.

Whatever the case, it's important to find what works for you in your specific situation. Factors such as past history, vision of the pastor or leader, size of the church and community, strategy, amount of involvement by the single adults and young adults, and others, affect these ministries.  

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